Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Condo Living...Are you Insured?

Don't assume that your condo is insured under the Master Insurance Policy.   Master Insurance Policies typically insure common areas such as roofs, walkways and elevators.  Your residence may not be covered.  You need to purchase separate CONDO INSURANCE  to cover your home. 

Naples Florida has become a second home for many people.  And for some the Condo Lifestyle and it's convenience is a perfect fit.  Condo Policies may include liability, personal property loss, additional living expense if your home is uninhabitable because of a covered loss such as fire or water damage, as well as, loss because of theft. Pay Attention, you can even purchase inexpensive coverage called "LOSS ASSESSMENT" that reimburses you for your share of an assessment charge (up to the specified policy limit) resulting from a covered loss to common areas.  Anyone who has indulged in condo living is aware of "Special Assessments".  Special assessments occur when repairs, upgrades or maintenance costs exceed the available funds in the Homeowners Association's coffer. Although potentially burdensome Special Assessments are necessary and common.  They may also occur in the event of a covered loss because of a high deductible or policy limits.  In these cases, Loss Assessment coverage can be a welcomed benefit.

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