Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wind Mitigation Saved $1200.00 On My Homeowners Insurance

Home featuring a Hip Roof
I recently moved to Florida.  When I purchased my home I met with my Insurance agent to discuss Homeowners Insurance.  My agent Brent Smith at Pro America Insurance Agency asked me if I had a “Wind Mitigation” Inspection report.  He explained that I would likely save money on my Homeowners Insurance premium if I did the inspection.  I didn’t know what he was talking about in fact I wasn’t even sure I knew what he said.  It turns out he said wind mitigation and I did save money.

My original Homeowners Insurance Premium came in at $2776.00 after I submitted my Uniform Wind Mitigation Verification Inspection Form my premium dropped to $1549.00.  I saved over $1200.00 per year. To receive any credit for Wind Mitigation I had to pay for a separate additional inspection called a wind mitigation inspection.   Brent told me that although I already had a Home Inspection I would have to have an additional Wind Mitigation Inspection administered by a certified professional to qualify for any credits.  He told me that I would save money despite the added cost of a new inspection. He was right.  I’m glad I trusted him. According to Brent, shopping Insurance carriers is equally important.  He saved a recent client over $2150 per year on an “apples to apples” Homeowners Insurance Policy with Wind Mitigation credits.

If you need a referral for a Certified Wind Mitigation Inspector in your area we may be able to help.  Call the agents at Pro America Insurance Agency in Naples FL today and start saving $$.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Teenage Drivers and Your Insurance Rates

My agent Brent Smith
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I have a Teen Driver and when it came time to include him on my Car Insurance Policy I had no idea what the implications would be.  I knew that my auto insurance rates would increase because I was adding a driver and another car.  I was so sure that the cost would sky rocket. Teenage drivers, especially those who drive fast cars, are the one of the most expensive drivers to insure.  And of course, I was also concerned about safety.  I'm aware there were ways to save money but I didn’t know what the best programs and products were. 
I called my Insurance agent at Pro America Insurance and he helped me.  It turns out I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome.  I have three vehicles, a teen driver and an Umbrella Policy through Progressive.  I found I could afford the coverage I wanted even though my son is inexperienced.  I spent a lot of time with my agent, Brent, discussing how much coverage I wanted.  I wasn’t only concerned with the bottom line.  I wanted to make sure that in every scenario I would be covered.   Brent saved me money by suggesting that I only purchase liability for two of our cars because they are older models.  My son drives an older model Jeep, thankfully it isn’t very fast.  I decided to purchase liability, collision and comprehensive for my car.  I choose a large liability limit and an Umbrella Policy because I agree that having my son on the road is a risk.  Believe me, I hope we never use the coverage’s but in the event we do I am glad they are there.  Brent walked me through all of my options and in the end I got the coverage that I wanted for a price I could afford.
It is important to know that you will pay more for a teen driver because statistically they are responsible for more claims and accidents.  However, some car insurance companies offer rate reductions after three years of experience.  If you’re teen driver has an operator’s license at 16 years old that means when he turns 19 you will see a reduction in your premium.
 Additionally, various auto insurance companies offer cost saving programs for teen drivers. Safeco offers Teensurance.  The Teensurance Program promotes replacing worry with confidence and trust.  The program offers; Roadside Assistance, GPS Vehicle Tracking, Speed, Arrival/Departure and Curfew Alerts sent to your phone or computer.  Although they have competitive prices this is a perfect example of how cost may not be the only determining factor for all consumers.
Currently Mercury is offering the most competitive car insurance rates for teen drivers but you should call Pro America Insurance Agency in Naples FL for expert and intuitive advice while purchasing Car Insurance for your new driver.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Boating in Naples and SW Florida - Don't Forget Boat Insurance!

Spring is here and many Naples boaters are preparing for the upcoming season.  Naples, Marco Island and the surrounding area have many beautiful islands that are only accessible by boat.

Keewaydin Island is a wildlife sanctuary frequented by residents and tourists.  The pristine beaches are home to Least turns and loggerhead sea turtles. 
Boating is a fantastic way to get outdoors and enjoy nature, family and of course fishing.  Proper licensing and registration are required by the State of Florida.  In fact, anyone born on or after January 1, 1988 who operates a vessel must pass an approved boaters safety course. You can find more information on boating requirements, classes, rules and regulations for salt water fishing and boating at Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.
Don't forget that Boat insurance is very important.  In fact, our agents recommend insuring your boat just as you would insure your auto with liability coverage at the $100,000 to $ 300,000 level. Personal contents such as fishing rods and electronics can be insured as well. Sea Tow coverage is also available and is a great product.  You can feel confident that you will return to port safely with this added coverage.  Typically boat insurance costs less than auto insurance.

Progressive Insurance is a top rated company for your boat insurance that Pro America Insurance Agency proudly represents.

Let us find the perfect boat Insurance coverage for you this boating season... 239.596.2400

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Top Producer Recognition Award

Ken Bastani (L), Richard Larach (R)
Richard Larach, an agent in our Pine Ridge, Naples office, received our Top Producer Recognition award for February.  It is Richards’s prompt response time to customer insurance coverage inquiries and attention to detail that helped him earn this distinction.  Richard is one of our bilingual agents and when asked about his accomplishment he said,
    “I credit my success to diversity.  I have a diverse knowledge of insurance, and I am bilingual.”

Richards’s ability to communicate with our Spanish speaking customers in their native tongue helps him better understand their Insurance needs. Additionally, he is known to provide insightful assistance and does an excellent job matching customer needs to the perfect Homeowner Insurance Product and /or Auto Insurance Product.  At Progressive Insurance Agency we believe in recognizing our Insurance Agents for providing outstanding customer service.  Way to Go Richie!  Buen Trabajo Felicidades! Richard works at the Pine Ridge, Naples office.  Please stop in to congratulate him yourself.
All of the Insurance Agents and Customer Service personnel at Progressive Insurance Agency pride themselves in providing expert analysis of customer insurance needs while locating the best insurance coverage at the lowest price. Both Progressive Insurance Agency branches (Pine Ridge Rd and Immokalee Road)  have bilingual agents.

Call today at (239) 596-2400 for prompt professional insurance rates and quotes for your homeowner insurance, car insurance, health, life, or any other insurance need in Naples, Ft Myers, Marco Island and vicinity.