Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wind Mitigation Saved $1200.00 On My Homeowners Insurance

Home featuring a Hip Roof
I recently moved to Florida.  When I purchased my home I met with my Insurance agent to discuss Homeowners Insurance.  My agent Brent Smith at Pro America Insurance Agency asked me if I had a “Wind Mitigation” Inspection report.  He explained that I would likely save money on my Homeowners Insurance premium if I did the inspection.  I didn’t know what he was talking about in fact I wasn’t even sure I knew what he said.  It turns out he said wind mitigation and I did save money.

My original Homeowners Insurance Premium came in at $2776.00 after I submitted my Uniform Wind Mitigation Verification Inspection Form my premium dropped to $1549.00.  I saved over $1200.00 per year. To receive any credit for Wind Mitigation I had to pay for a separate additional inspection called a wind mitigation inspection.   Brent told me that although I already had a Home Inspection I would have to have an additional Wind Mitigation Inspection administered by a certified professional to qualify for any credits.  He told me that I would save money despite the added cost of a new inspection. He was right.  I’m glad I trusted him. According to Brent, shopping Insurance carriers is equally important.  He saved a recent client over $2150 per year on an “apples to apples” Homeowners Insurance Policy with Wind Mitigation credits.

If you need a referral for a Certified Wind Mitigation Inspector in your area we may be able to help.  Call the agents at Pro America Insurance Agency in Naples FL today and start saving $$.