Thursday, April 21, 2011

Protect Your Naples Area Seasonal Residence

Summer is almost here in Naples, FL and many seasonal residents will be leaving the area and returning to their second home.  Protecting your seasonal residence from damage in your absence can be accomplished with a little advanced planning.  Most northerners are familiar with frozen and burst pipes, but have little experience with excess humidity, a potential problem in Florida’s hot, moist climate.  Damage to seasonal residences from theft, wind or hurricane, flooding and infestations are also common concerns.  No one wants to return next season to a home that has been destroyed or damaged.  There are many preventative actions seasonal residents can take to prevent damage to their homes, autos and boats while they are gone.

 Home Watch Services are very popular.  According to Pro America Insurance agent Michael Watkins, “Some Home Watch Services are very sophisticated.”  He strongly suggests that all seasonal residents take reasonable precautions when leaving, such as, turning the water off at its source, draining pipes, service air conditioning units, retain a home watch service to check the property weekly as well as asking year round neighbors to contact them if they see any suspicious activity on or in the property.  Home Watch Services abound in Naples Florida because of our large seasonal population.  These companies could provide a wide spectrum of services such as;  weekly interior and exterior inspections, alarm monitoring, contractor and repair service supervision, appliance maintenance, airport shuttle service, home reopening and cleaning services , even grocery shopping.  Reputable companies will be insured and bonded.

Understanding your Homeowners Insurance Coverage is very important.  Michael, located at Pro America’s Pine Ridge office, specializes in Homeowners Insurance. While preparing to write this article I interviewed Michael and was impressed by the breadth of his knowledge regarding possible claims, coverage’s and policy distinctions.  Having a knowledgeable agent is essential to protecting your investment.  Prior to leaving the area it is wise to meet with your agent to discuss your coverage’s and prevention strategies.  

Take note, Mold and Mildew coverage is typically limited to $10,000.00 and is only paid if it is part of a covered loss. Additionally, insurance companies follow strict “Occupancy” and “Vacancy” guidelines.  These guidelines can vary by company so it is best to meet with your agent to discuss any guidelines that may apply to you.

Having a positive working relationship with your Naples home owners Insurance Agent is paramount to accessing the best coverage for your investments.  Pro America Insurance Agents spend the time necessary to fully understand your unique insurance needs and will find the best policy with the most complete coverage at a price you can afford.  Schedule an appointment today and Let Us Do the Shopping for You!
Remember to always review your Homeowner’s, Auto or Boat Insurance Policy when determining coverage, or come in to either of our offices and let us review your policy and answer any questions you may have.