Thursday, April 7, 2011

Protect your Home from Damage caused by Windstorms and SAVE MONEY on your Homeowners Insurance

Florida has taken the lead in adopting regulatory provisions related to hurricane resistant construction.  After Hurricane Andrew in 1992, Florida adopted statute 627.0629 that required residential property Insurance Providers in Florida to give “discounts, credits and other incentives” for residential properties where construction methods that have been shown to REDUCE LOSS caused by windstorms are employed.  

Agent Peter Lechler at Pro America Insurance insists that a homeowner can easily save 10 to 40% on their entire premium with a Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form.  He says that substantial credits are given for:
·         Roof permitted post March 2002
·         Roof Geometry - Hip Roof
·         Roof Deck Attachments - the size and spacing of the nails that attach the plywood to the roof truss
·         Roof to Wall Attachments - clips, single or double straps.    

Local builder and home remodeler Pat Purnell of CNP Construction, Inc of Naples, FL administers Wind Mitigation Inspections.  Purnell says that the best way to make your house 100% hurricane resistant is to have Impact Resistant Windows, Shutters and Doors.  Purnell states that;
“Your windows and doors are by far the weakest point of your house.”

He further stated that If you have “Truss Straps and a Hip Roof” along with impact resistant features you have achieved 100% protection from Wind.  You may think that if you own a home built before the 1992 Florida building code it will not have Wind Mitigation features but you are most likely wrong.  Purnell told me, that he recently inspected a home that was built in 1980; it had Truss Straps and a Hip Roof.  Pat Purnell does all types of new construction and remodeling as well as Mitigation Inspections.  Contact Pat by phone at (239) 595-4544 or email to schedule your inspection today.

Pro America Insurance Agency is a great place to start learning about Wind Mitigation credits.  Let us help you save 10 to 40% on your Homeowner’s Insurance premium.  Call us today or refer a friend.  Let Us Do The Shopping For You!  My Safe Florida Home web site is a great place to visit to learn more about Wind Mitigation .